Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven


Designed and handcrafted in South Carolina, the Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven bottles the essence of tradition while uncorking it in your own backyard. These outdoor pizza ovens are manufactured with marine-grade stainless steel and custom dual burners which combine to create oven baking perfection – an oven of superior heat efficiency, greater temperature range, and enhanced safety features.

Durable Body

High-quality stainless steel makes for a very durable solution for your outdoor pizza oven. The double-walled top of the oven helps keep heat inside while preventing the top from becoming discolored.

Crank up the Heat

With burners on both the bottom & top, you can individually adjust each to balance your oven temperature catering to the specific recipe you’re cooking. This option allows you bake any type of pizza, steak, vegetables, or bread to perfection!


Natural Gas Oven: 52,488 Total BTU

Liquid Propane Oven: 34,880 Total BTU



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